SOC Sunday | Free To Be Me

June 10, 2012 in Blogging, SOC Sunday, Writing by Taylor Gilmore

Stream Of Conciousness Sundays is a five minute free writing exercise hosted by Fadra of All Things Fadra

Today’s Writing Prompt: Do you have a secret blogging life? Are you connected to your “real life” friends and family through social media? How does that affect your writing?


I suppose on could say that I have a secret blogging life.

Not because I’ve chosen to keep it as a secret.

In fact, I’ve attempted to share the wonderful world of blogging with my friends and family but they just don’t “get it.”

I think it’s their inability to grasp what this blogging thing is all about that causes them to have no interest what – so – ever.

In the interest of fairness, I have to admit that I’m okay with that. Maybe I’m more than okay with it. Maybe I’m so darn glad they are not involved in my writing life I’m just giddy. Their un-involvement gives me a Freedom I don’t think I’d have if they actually read my blogs, especially when I write of personal experiences, thoughts or feelings.

Until Next Week!