SOC Sunday: I Want To Learn


Stream of Consciousness Sunday is a five minute brain dump hosted by  Jana’s Thinking Place . Today’s (totally optional) prompt:

What new tricks have you learned or would like to learn?


I want to learn:

– How to get the posts out of my head and onto the blog. If I could do that… I’d fill volumes!

- How to budget my time. There are so many people who seem to have mastered the art of managing their time that it makes me wonder why I struggle. I think..maybe… I think too much.

I’d like to learn:

- How to switch thinking mode off… at will, then… I could just – DO. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if my Doing didn’t require thinking?

Did I pick writing? No. I’m sure writing picked me.

Writing requires too much thinking.

I like these stream of consciousness exercises so much because I can just write without thinking about what I’m writing. Maybe I’ll try a new thing. Maybe I’ll learn… to just open up this blog editor and allow all of my stuff to pour out; then push “publish” and forget about it.

At least then I wouldn’t have so many post-less days..and I’ll feel better… I think.


Now it’s your turn.

Be Blessed!


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