When Life Interferes

With the exception of a post here and there, I have been away from my blogs for a few weeks. I’m sorry for that. I do realize the importance of sticking to a regular posting schedule, and the desire to write was there but life kept interfering and I haven’t figured out how to slap […]

Our New Puppy

  Every since she was old enough to mispronounce the word doggy, my daughter has wanted one. She called them goggies until she was three years old.  “Mom, can I get a dog.” “Mom, I want a dog.” “When can I have a dog.” She saw 101 Dalmatians – she wanted one. Snow Buddies, – […]

Second Grade Drama

My daughter attends what I believe is one of the best  public schools in Philadelphia. She is in the second grade, so of course I escort  her to the front door every morning promptly at 8:30 am, and I’m standing at the gate when school lets out at 3:00 pm. Parents aren’t allowed in the yard […]

Where Babies Come From

I overheard my seven year old explaining reproduction to her five year old cousin. The reason I “overheard” this is because I firmly believe in eavesdropping on my daughter’s conversations. Now some people would might say “Hey! The kid is only seven. Stop snooping!” But I read all six hundred, twenty two handbooks and snooping […]