When Life Interferes

When Life Interferes

With the exception of a post here and there, I have been away from my blogs for a few weeks. I’m sorry for that. I do realize the importance of sticking to a regular posting schedule, and the desire to write was there but life kept interfering and I haven’t figured out how to slap on a happy face and keep pushing. My daughter was … Continue reading

Hispanic Festival at Penn’s Landing


Yesterday, started out as most Saturdays do. I have a list of things I intend to get done so my Sunday can be as relaxed and stress-free as possible. I hate to admit it but I have lost a lot of  that youthful spontaneity. I’ve allowed myself to become a creature of habit and most of the time I convince myself that I’m content. It … Continue reading

Our New Puppy

Our New Puppy/taylorcares.com

  Every since she was old enough to mispronounce the word doggy, my daughter has wanted one. She called them goggies until she was three years old.  “Mom, can I get a dog.” “Mom, I want a dog.” “When can I have a dog.” She saw 101 Dalmatians – she wanted one. Snow Buddies, – “Mom can you buy me a Husky with blue eyes.” … Continue reading

Second Grade Drama


My daughter attends what I believe is one of the best  public schools in Philadelphia. She is in the second grade, so of course I escort  her to the front door every morning promptly at 8:30 am, and I’m standing at the gate when school lets out at 3:00 pm. Parents aren’t allowed in the yard when the children are coming out. I’m not sure if … Continue reading

Where Babies Come From

I overheard my seven year old explaining reproduction to her five year old cousin. The reason I “overheard” this is because I firmly believe in eavesdropping on my daughter’s conversations. Now some people would might say “Hey! The kid is only seven. Stop snooping!” But I read all six hundred, twenty two handbooks and snooping is one of the major big deal rules in the … Continue reading