Sleepless Nights, Paula White And Vitamin D

I couldn’t sleep a couple of nights ago and as usual, when I have one of those nights where there is no obvious reason for the tossing and turning I came to the conclusion that I’d somehow overlooked something. I can never figure out what it is, but I know it’s…something. Probably something major. I mean, why else am I lying in bed waiting for sleep that isn’t coming?

So I did what I always do. I asked God to speak to me through the mouth of one of the preachers who happens to be on at that hour. Turning on the lamp and reading the Bible to get answers to the questions that haven’t completely formed yet isn’t an option because I’m tired and my eyeballs are itchy.  No. I’d rather keep them shut and listen for my Word. After all, faith cometh by hearing, right? I turned on the TV and checked all three of my options; TBN, Daystar and the Word Network. Bingo! Pastor Paula White is on and I just know she is the one.   So I snuggled down and listened. It took a few minutes for my sleep-deprived mind to realize that what I was actually listening to was an infomercial. What??

Is this a joke?

At this point I’d like to explain that when I lived strictly in the world I had the unique ability to become enraged in 3.2 seconds. But since I made the commitment to walk with Jesus I’ve gotten better so it took all of about 6 minutes for me to get ticked off. I mean fully engulfed in a grown up tantrum and to be perfectly honest, at the time I didn’t even know why the Vitamin D infomercial disturbed me so much.

But after having time to reflect on it like a mature grown up I realized my anger had several layers. For one thing, I’m used to, and expect that type of programming from used to be stars, pseudo stars and wanna-be stars. But no way did I expect to see a pastor who is supposed to  feed my spirit trying to get me to order some vitamin D capsules on a late night infomercial.

I was angry because I felt like I had been tricked. You see, as soon as I saw her face on the screen I knew I would receive the message I needed at that moment from my heavenly Father. I had purposely tuned in to that particular program because I knew she would be walking across the pulpit, speaking in tongues and giving a powerful prophetic Word that I could use. Instead she was in motivational speaker mode telling me about vitamin deficits and what not!

Finally, I was angry because like any other spoiled brat I didn’t get my way.

Upon further reflection, I figure I might as well head on over to the pharmacy and buy some vitamin D……

just in case….that was my word.

I’m just saying…

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