Transformational Coaching and Mentoring

1:1 Private Mentoring


If you’re ready to transform your life, private 1:1 coaching is the most intimate and personal way to work with me. My coaching programs are ‘taylored’ to fit you –  your unique circumstances, your desires, and your needs.

We will discuss which program is best for you, and what works with your schedule during your free Discovery Session.

Free Discovery Session


After you click on the button “Book Now” and fill in the form with your answers, we can schedule the initial free call. When we meet in the live Zoom Call, we will discuss your needs, see if we are a good fit for each other, craft a personalized program that is unique to you, and answer any questions you might have.

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What to expect. (how I work) 

I am committed to confidentiality, the state of presence, and the energy of love and encouragement.

I partner with your Soul to create a safe space for you to express all of who you are, your desires, your goals, and your vision.

I will assist you in: 

Gaining clarity on what you want to experience at this point in your life.

Clearing the core limiting belief(s) that have been stopping you, keeping you stuck, and controlling your thoughts, behaviors, and habits.

Healing your soul wounds.

Reconnecting with or establishing a connection with the Divine (God)

Remembering /rediscovering your true soul self.

Developing your natural intuitive and psychic abilities.

Releasing internal emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks.  

Understanding you are a powerful, Spiritual being having a human experience.

Coaching Packages



The Breakthrough Coaching Package is a 4-week commitment that includes:

  • 4 weekly coaching sessions
  • Followup email after each session
  • 1 Reiki Healing session
  • 1 Guided Healing Meditation session
  • Unlimited email and text access throughout your time coaching.




My Signature Coaching Package is a 3-month commitment that includes:

  • 12 weekly coaching sessions
  • Followup emails after each session
  • 3 Reiki Healing Sessions
  • 3 Guided Healing Meditation Sessions
  • Unlimited email and text access throughout your time coaching.


Fresh Infusion


Fresh infusion sessions are for the times when you need help right now. It is a single session in which we will work on one specific issue that is getting in your way. The call typically lasts for 60- 90 minutes. Fresh Infusion sessions are great for previous clients who need help right away or new clients who are not ready to make a long-term commitment.