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Spiritual Life Coaching for Women Over 50

1:1 Private Coaching

As a spiritual life coach specializing in helping women over 50, my purpose is to be a guiding light on your journey towards self-discovery, personal growth, and spiritual fulfillment. Life after 50 is a phase filled with unique challenges and opportunities, and my role is to provide the necessary support and tools to help you navigate this transformative period with confidence and grace.

If you’re ready to transform your life, private 1:1 coaching is the most intimate and personal way to work with me. My coaching programs are ‘taylored’ to fit you –  your unique circumstances, your desires, and your needs. We will discuss which program is best for you, and what works with your schedule during your free Discovery Session.

What to expect. (How I Help )

I am committed to confidentiality, the state of presence, and the energy of love and encouragement. I partner with you to create a safe space for you to express all of who you are.  I will assist you in:

  1. Healing Your Soul Wounds: I blend spiritual wisdom with holistic healing methods to guide women in healing their inner traumas. Through personalized coaching, I walk you through the journey of recognizing, understanding, and transforming your soul wounds into stepping stones for a life of joy, purpose, and spiritual wholeness.”
  2. Facilitating Self-Discovery: Many women find themselves questioning their life’s purpose, especially if they’ve dedicated years to others’ needs. As a spiritual life coach, I help my clients rediscover themselves, their passions, and what truly brings them joy. Through introspective techniques and meaningful conversations, we unveil your true authentic self.
  3. Cultivating Self-Compassion: Many women in our age group are highly self-critical, often burdened by regrets or unmet expectations. I encourage my clients to practice self-compassion, letting go of the past and embracing self-love. By doing so, they can build a positive relationship with themselves and embrace their true worth.
  4. Embracing Change and Transitions: Life over 50 often involves significant changes, such as empty nesting, retirement, or dealing with health-related issues. I offer a safe space for my clients to explore their fears and uncertainties, guiding them to embrace these transitions as opportunities for growth and new beginnings.
  5. Connecting with Spirit (GOD): Spiritual fulfillment means different things to different people. I help you explore and deepen your spiritual connections, whether through meditation, mindfulness practices, religious beliefs, or a connection with nature. Embracing the spiritual dimension adds depth and meaning to their life and empowers you to thrive as you embrace this beautiful chapter of wisdom and experience.
  6. Navigating Grief and Loss: The passing of loved ones and other significant losses can be particularly challenging for us. I give you empathetic support to help you navigate the grieving process, find comfort, and rediscover your inner strength.
  7. Developing Your Natural Intuitive and Psychic Abilities: I provide a safe and nurturing environment for you to unlock their latent spiritual gifts. Through personalized coaching and practical exercises, I guide you in honing your intuitive senses, enabling you to connect more deeply with your inner wisdom and the world around you.”
    Understanding you are a powerful, Spiritual being having a human experience.

Free Discovery Session

Embark on a journey of transformation and healing with my Free Discovery Session. During this 30-minute consultation, we’ll explore the unique challenges and desires that have led you to this pivotal moment in your life. Whether you’re grappling with emotional blockages, life transitions, seeking spiritual reconnection, or yearning for a renewed sense of purpose, this session is designed to identify the areas that would most benefit from focused coaching and healing. This session is not only a chance for you to understand how my coaching and healing techniques can serve you, but also an opportunity for us to assess our compatibility as coach and client.

Take the first step toward a more fulfilling, empowered life:

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Coaching Packages

Soul Spark: Igniting Your Inner Fire In 4 Weeks

In the ‘Soul Spark’ program, I offer an intensive 4-week experience aimed specifically at women who are seeking rapid transformation. During this concentrated period, we focus on awakening your inner fire—the spiritual, emotional, and creative energies that may have dimmed over the years. Each week of this program is dedicated to a specific pillar: Self-Discovery, Emotional Release, Spiritual Reconnection, and Purposeful Action.

Through a blend of spiritual coaching, holistic healing techniques, and personalized exercises, I guide you in rekindling your inner spark. The program also includes a distance Reiki healing session designed to clear energy blockages and elevate your sense of well-being.

You’ll have weekly coaching sessions and unlimited text and email access to me throughout the 4 weeks, ensuring continual support and guidance.

By the end of ‘Soul Spark,’ you will emerge with renewed passion, a clearer sense of purpose, and the tools to sustain this newfound vitality in your life.

Golden Transformation: A 3-Month Quest for Spiritual and Emotional Renewal

My Signature Coaching Package,  ‘Golden Transformation’ is a 3-month intensive coaching and healing program designed exclusively for women over 50. I will guide you through a transformative journey that marries spiritual wisdom with practical self-development techniques. This program combines spiritual coaching, holistic healing modalities, and practical exercises to unlock your untapped potential and pivot toward a life of deeper meaning and fulfillment. Over the course of 12 weeks, we will delve into various life dimensions, from emotional well-being and spiritual growth to fostering meaningful relationships and reigniting passions. Each week brings its own set of activities and customized insights, tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. To further amplify your transformation, you’ll receive three distance Reiki healing sessions aimed at aligning your energy and clearing blockages.

You’ll have weekly coaching sessions and the added benefit of unlimited text and email access to me throughout the program, providing an uninterrupted flow of support and guidance.

The ultimate goal is simple but profound: to help you transcend limiting beliefs and patterns, empowering you to step boldly into the most vibrant, golden phase of your life.

Fresh Infusion

These sessions are great for previous clients who need help right away or new clients who are not ready to make a long-term commitment.

In the ‘Fresh Infusion’ session, I offer you focused, one-on-one guidance to address a specific issue that’s clouding your life, whether it’s a a limiting belief, an emotional blockage, a life transition, or a spiritual block. This intensive 60-90 minute session employs a blend of spiritual coaching and holistic healing techniques. We dig deep to unearth the root of the problem, then apply targeted strategies to initiate immediate change. You’ll leave the session with newfound clarity, actionable insights, and a sense of rejuvenation.

This session aims to be both transformative and concentrated, empowering you to move forward.