I can help you every step of the way.

I understand the unique struggles we all face at this stage of life because I have experienced these situations myself.

I am here to support you through your healing journey.

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There are so many women like me, who entered midlife broken and discouraged. Staggering under the weight of toxic emotions like guilt, shame, and fear. Feeling disconnected, old, insignificant, invisible, and stuck. Feeling like they have nothing left to offer. 

If you’re that woman, I want you to know it’s not too late. You can heal. You can start living a vibrant life filled with love, joy, freedom, and… magic. Right Now.

It all starts with you choosing You – first

I know because I’ve been there. Before I was 50 years old I had already experienced divorce and started over alone with an infant, being robbed of my car at gunpoint, rape, PTSD, a near-fatal car accident (I was told I would never walk unassisted again), the death of my granddaughter, clinical depression, and the loss of my job, home, and everything I owned twice.

I have learned that every trauma, heartbreak, soul ache, deep disappointment… every painful experience leaves a wound in our subconscious. These wounds create blocks that control our lives. In order to move forward, the wounds need to be healed and the blocks removed.

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I’m Taylor Gilmore.

I offer unique 1 to 1 coaching experiences designed to help you heal and gain clarity so you can move forward.

I support women over 50 who have a desire to change, who are committed to healing all of their broken bits, and gathering all of their scattered pieces so they can be whole again. At your core, you already know your true self is unique and powerful. She wants to shine.

Let Her.

What I Do


My intent for the co-creation process is to provide a safe space to assist my clients in: 

Clearing the core limiting belief(s) that have been controlling your thoughts, behaviors, and habits.

Healing your soul wounds.

Reconnecting with or establishing a connection with the Divine (God)

Remembering /rediscovering your true soul self.

Developing your natural intuitive and psychic abilities.

Releasing internal emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks.  

Understanding you are a powerful, Spiritual being having a human experience.

I am committed to confidentiality, the state of presence, and the energy of love and encouragement.

My coaching healing practice and this site, Taylor Cares is dedicated to helping you heal and create the powerful life you want to live.

Certifications And Accreditations

  • Spiritual Life Coach
  • Usui Reiki Master Healer
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Law of Attraction Coach
  • EFT/TFT Practitioner
  • Combined Ho’oponopono and EFT Practitioner
  • Belief Clearing Practitioner


There is no greater battle in life than the battle between the parts of you that want to be healed and the parts of you that are comfortable and content remaining broken.

~ Iyanla Vanzant ~


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