I Shall Love My Neighbor

Note: I started this post last week; July 1st to be exact. It was my response to the mean-ness I observed regarding the passage of the Gay marriage law.

I do that a lot; Start a post, then let it sit. Usually I end up deleting them because either the moment has passed and my post is no longer relevant or I have allowed the negative voices inside my head to silence me.

I don’t want to be silent today.

I shall love

I shall love my rich neighbor, my poor neighbor, my middleclass neighbor,

my quiet neighbor and my loud neighbor.

I shall love my gay neighbor, my bi-sexual neighbor, my trans-sexual neighbor

my straight neighbor my transgendered neighbor and my pan-sexual neighbor.

I shall love my college educated neighbor and my high school drop out neighbor.

I shall love my Black neighbor, my Latin neighbor, my White neighbor,

my North American neighbor, my South American neighbor, African  neighbor, my Asian

neighbor, my European neighbor, my Australian neighbor, and my Antarctic neighbor.

I shall love my neighbor.

I shall love.

Taylor @ TaylorCares.com

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