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You Are Enough And You Have Everything You Need

You are enough!

Several years ago, I watched a Ted Talk featuring author, therapist and motivational speaker, Marisa Peer. I don’t remember the title of the video, but her message struck me and has stayed with me ever since. The gist of her talk was this:

Most of the emotional, psychological and even some of the physical problems people encounter are caused by the belief that they are not good enough. 

Can it really be that simple?

Yes, I believe that it is.

The core belief that you’re not good enough can bring with it a lot of issues that on the surface seem unrelated, but are in fact, offshoots of the same root.

I know in my case the underlying belief that I wasn’t good enough held me back for most of my adult life and made it impossible for me to fully accept and respond to my purpose, to use all of the wonderful gifts I was born with. I lacked confidence in my ability to just be who I knew I was deep in my soul.

Even though I wanted to step out on faith and be about my Father’s business, the belief that I wasn’t good enough to heal, teach, mentor or serve stopped me dead in my tracks. I kept thinking I wasn’t enough, I needed to be more…

So, I studied more. Read more. Learned more. Went after more certifications. But the core belief was still there so nothing changed. I still felt inadequate, I kept playing small, dimming my light and hiding my gifts. All the while I was dishonoring God and myself in the process.

I finally came to the realization I would never be good enough until I was healed of the belief that I was not good enough. How could I remove the speck from your eye if I could not see past the beam in my own eye?

Deep soul level healing was in order.

And I was ready.  

Are you?

Taylor @ TaylorCares.com


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