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Don’t Walk Away From Your inner Gifts

Have You Disconnected From Your Inner Gifts?

As a child, I used to hear adults say things like:

  • “She has eyes that can see right through you.”
  • “She’s an old soul.”
  • “That child has been here before.”

Usually, when they said these things, they were speaking in hushed tones while giving the child (me) side-eye glances. I didn’t know what they meant because no one ever bothered to explain. But I knew they couldn’t be good things – because of the way they said them. Like something was wrong with me

Inner Gifts

I didn’t want to be an ‘old soul’. Old things die.

When was I here before? Why can’t I remember?

Why do they think I can see through them?

You were born perfect

We are born perfect, whole and complete with everything we need to thrive. And we are all naturally intuitive. Everyone has an inner knowing, a voice inside that guides you toward your purpose and reveals the inner gifts you were meant to share with the world. Your inner voice is the voice of Spirit (God). Some people call it the higher self, Universal mind, super conscious. It really doesn’t matter what you call it. We all have it.

For many of us, that voice started getting pushed aside as children. The most important thing to a child is to feel loved and accepted. If we were made to feel there was something wrong with us, that we were bad, not good enough, or flawed in any way, we felt rejected so we rejected our gifts. We rejected what we were meant to share because we believed they were bad.

Reconnect with your inner gifts

Because of the trauma of rejection, we disconnected from our true selves, suppressed our gifts, our intuition and calling. Our inner voice was overpowered with negative self-talk. Decades later, we’re suffering with anxiety, depression, self-loathing, feeling disconnected, alone, without purpose and powerless.

I know firsthand, with the right guidance and support you can get unstuck, reconnect with your inner gifts, and reclaim your power because I reached out for the help that I needed.

If you’re ready, it is my desire to help and support you on your journey.

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Be Blessed!
Taylor @ TaylorCares.com

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