Day 22 | Put Your Light On A Stand


Luke 11:29-36

This one gave me a bit of trouble. I understood verses 29-32. Christ was berating the large crowd that had gathered because He knew they had not come to be instructed or enlightened by his teachings but rather they came hoping to see miracles and signs that would convince them of His truths. He said they were wicked and would receive nothing except what they’d already gotten. Jonah was enough for the Ninevites to wake up and repent, yet these people had something far greater than Jonah and Solomon in their midst, and they wanted more.

It was the next group of verses 33-36, that had me stumped because I couldn’t figure how they were related. I didn’t see a correlation. I kept going back to them and trying to figure it out but I kept drawing a blank.

Today I was compelled to read Matthew Henry’s commentary and I got it! 🙂 Jesus Christ was the light that had been placed before them and they were unable to see because they were too filled with darkness to receive Him.

It is a great privilege that the light of the gospel is put on a candlestick, so that all that come in may see it and may see by it where they are and where they are going, and what is the true, and sure, and only way to happiness. ~Matthew Henry~

Jesus has said “I stand at the door and knock.”

He will only come in to those souls whose door is opened by faith to receive Him. When He comes in He will bring His glorious light and we are to place that light front and center in our lives and allow it to shine.

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Be Blessed!

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