“Sin” – Original Poetry by Laura Poindexter


I read this poem on Laura Poindexter’s Facebook page: Laura Writes 4 The Soul. I enjoyed it so much, I had to read it twice! And I felt like I just had to share it with my wonderful readers. Laura was kind enough to give me permission to post it here. I’m sure you’ll like it as much as I do.


Sin by Laura Poindexter


Where do I begin, I guess I’ll begin with Sin, although this is the beginning, it’s the beginning of the very end. Sin, has caused the fall of man and yet it seems we don’t understand, just how deeply this wound impedes; it’s the root of all our Machiavellian deeds. Once blessed with abundance, from God it was given, He put everything under our feet. but Eve was deceived, the serpent she believed & one bite turned the garden to concrete.

Created in the image of the true & living God, it’s difficult to explain why our heads so hard, why we’re never, ever, gratified, always wanting more, still dissatisfied. You ask how we got here, blaming it all on the creator; denying the fact that God is faithful and you’re the defiant traitor. Don’t dare be offended by the words I proclaim, he was slain for my sins, I have authority in his name.

I am insulted by you, as well as ashamed, at the way that you mock him and the way you defame, by your blatant disrespect and your moral depravity, your head in the clouds as you defy gravity. Your fall will be great, your punishment even greater, because my father has a plan, for each & every violator. If Jesus came today, would you be able to stand? Or are you the one who throws the rock & instantaneously hides his hand?

It really doesn’t matter because he sees it all, none will escape, pride comes before the fall. Every knee will bow & every tongue will confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord! You do what you do, so the weight is on you & you will surly die by the sword. Sin, it was my frenemy, incapable of being anything else & if you think Sin is your friend, you ain’t fooling nobody but yourself. I lived in Sin for a very long time, with no one to blame the choice to Sin was mine.

I Thank God for Jesus my intercessor, he forgave my many sins & considered me no lesser. The life I live now is better than the best, because I’m free from Sin & I no longer fear death. You only live once, YOLO! But I will live once more, I long for the day, to hear him say, well done child come into the door.

Sin has a deceitful beginning, Sin has a condemning end, Sin is you’re mortal enemy & has never, ever, been your friend. Sin will untimely be your ruin, as it has been your earthly cell, why live a life of suffering & strife, then die & burn in hell?


Author Bio:

Laura Poindexter a native New Yorker (Harlem) is a freelance writer specializing in Original Christian and Inspirational  Poetry. Also Producer & Blog Talk Radio show host for “Sister2Sistah’s “The Literary Corner”, Laura brings passionate enthusiasm to this platform, paying it forward by giving aspiring artist the opportunity to shine. In Her Own Words:

“Inasmuch as my subconscious mind craves the need to dominate my work, my conscious reminds me continually that it is & should always be, the most resounding & preeminent influence in “All” that I aspire to do, for myself & others.” “My adamant expectation is that my black and white inscriptions ultimately bring some inflection of color into the reader’s life. Perpetuating innovative thought, while daring the reader to critically look at his/herself & make the bold and most often terrifying decisions needed to cultivate substantial change!” ~ Laura-“TheSoulWriter” Poindexter ~

If you’d like to read more of Laura’s poetry, you can find her on Facebook @ Laura Writes 4 The Soul.

Be Blessed!

Image: Original Sin by Drew Darcy 

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