Day 8 | The Humble Will Be Lifted Up

Day 8 | Forty Days with God | Luke 18: 10-14

When we approach the Lord we should recognize that we are all lowly sinners who can only come into God’s holy presence through the blood of Christ. If we got what we deserved we’d still be spiritually dead and on our way to a fiery hell. Anyone who has the nerve to get up in God’s face and exalt himself by listing all of the good deeds he may do will gain nothing but a put down. Everything that is done should be done “as for the Lord,” and not with an eye on gaining favor in God’s sight.

The proper approach was shown by the publican. Humility and a reverential fear of the Lord and a simple request, “God be merciful to me, a sinner.”

We all sin and fall short, and although we may at times be tempted to compare ourselves to others, it’s wrong. A comparison requires judging another. No matter if the comparison is favorable or unfavorable, it’s wrong.

  • A favorable comparison is sinful, prideful boasting.
  • An unfavorable comparison indicates we’re listening to and believing what the enemy says about us.

God alone is judge.

Tomorrow, Day 9 | A vital member | 1 Corinthians 12: 12-27

Be Blessed!

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