Day 14 | The Father Awaits

In my last post, When Life Interferes I shared a few of the things going on in my personal life right now. This morning I decided I’m not going to let the devil win. I don’t care how many times he tries to stop me I am going to finish this. If it takes me 80 days to finish this 40 day bible study. I Am Going To Finish!

Day 14 | 40 Days with God | Luke 15: 11-32

How many times have you “set off on a journey to a distant land?” I would not be able to count the times, I took the wrong road. I can’t even remember half of the decisions that seemed right at the time, but turned out to be so wrong. We rebel and refuse to listen to the voice of reason when reason doesn’t happen to coincide with our desires. In this scripture, the son wanted his inheritance now. Never mind the fact that he wasn’t mature enough to handle it. His father could have said no but he chose to let his son find out what was waiting for him out there.

When I wanted to get married, my family was totally against it. The voice of reason (my mother) said, “You’re too young. If he is the one for you now, he’ll still be the one for you when you finish college. Your education is too important for you to toss it away on a marriage you’re not ready for.”

A couple of years later, I was back home with a seven month old baby, ashamed of myself and wishing I had listened to her. But you know what? I never heard, “I told you so” or any other negative comments. The only thing that mattered was I was home again, and she was just happy I was there. My place as second child and eldest daughter was waiting for me.

When we stray, our Heavenly Father misses us and waits patiently for our return. Jesus doesn’t want us back in the fold so he can scold or reprimand. He wants only to hug and hold, restore and love us. Restoration waits. Our Father waits. We just have to turn around and go home.

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Be Blessed!

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