God loves me and I trust Him

The Divine can turn what appears to be an inconvenience into a blessing, if we will keep a positive attitude and trust him.

My car had a flat tire yesterday. I mean – rim on the ground, completely flat tire. Trying to make it to the gas station down the street wasn’t even an option.
Now, there was a time – not that long ago, this turn of events would have been enough to put me in a bad mood and ruin my entire day.
But this was different, because I was different.

Apparently, my attitude had undergone an adjustment. One that I was unaware of.
Yesterday when I saw the flat, I took a deep breath and said, “God loves me and everything was working together for my good. Even this.”

I didn’t spend a second trying to figure things out. My daughter and I walked around the corner and caught the bus to school. We made it on time and later that morning, I had the tire changed.

It was a good day.

We always have choices. 

We can to allow the inevitable disappointments, and aggravating situations or circumstance that come along to control our attitude and reactions or we can keep our peace and trust.

accept negative situations in a positive manner. . 

God loves me and I trust Him.

~ ~ ~

I once heard a pastor say,

“When you work, God rests, but when you rest in the finished works of Jesus Christ, God works.”

I’m resting in these truths. Resting in truth.


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