Maya Angelou Speaks On Women Judging Women

Maya Angelou shared her wisdom on Facebook shortly after International Women’s Day in 2014.

There’s a difference in being an old female and being a woman. Born with certain genitalia, if you don’t get run over by an out of control truck you can become an adult whatever you have been born. A woman is careful with judgment, is courteous, has courage and is much given to kindness, support and respect for other women.

This International Women’s Day lifts my heart and makes me remember all the women who have been daughters, mothers and sisters to me. I am grateful and I thank them.

Judge not – women are so hard on other women because we have no compassion and mercy for ourselves. We must learn to love all of ourselves. Even those parts we’d like to change. Everyone would like to improve in some area but belittling and ridiculing yourself is not the way to make it happen.

The Bible tells us “Love concurs all, endures all.

This post has been sitting in my drafts for three years.

I found it because this afternoon, I decided it was time to start clearing away the clutter. I find that it’s almost impossible for me to create when I have too many loose ends. and as far as I’m concerned 31 drafts is a lot of loose ends.

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