What’s Up With Pearl Gosnell??

The headline in yesterdays’ Metro Philadelphia read:

“Abortion doctor’s wife to be freed on bail”.

Anyone in the greater Philadelphia area with a pulse knows of, and probably has an opinion or two about this case and the eight defendants. The doctor’s wife is the subject of this post simply because of that article. She was charged with participating in an illegal late-term abortion, conspiracy, and helping operate a corrupt organization. Unlike her husband, she wasn’t charged with murdering seven new-borns. Maybe that’s because she only “helped out” on Sundays.

Some people can read and/or watch gore and never flinch. They dismiss it and go on with their lives as if nothing horrible just crossed in front of their eyeballs. I envy them because I can’t do that. I’m one of those people who has re-occurring visuals about everything, down to the tiniest detail. I can’t help it. I’ve always been that way, so I make it a point for instance to never traumatize myself by watching any movies rated above PG13 for violence because I’ll see the bloody images over and over. Days later when everyone else has forgotten the movie, I’m still on instant replay. Unfortunately, this ability includes seeing images of things I read.

Which brings me back to Pearl Gosnell.

When I read in yesterday’s paper she was soon to be released, my mind started again with the replays. I have very clear, vivid, and graphic images in my mind of Doctor Gosnell delivering the babies of  semi conscious women whose labor was induced. I  see him using a large pair of scissors to cut their spinal cords. These images are in my mind, yes, but that’s not the point. The reality is probably much worse than any of my mind pictures because these things really happened. And Pearl knew and probably observed, maybe even assisted.

Now I know better than to try and figure out the how and why of the workings of a mad man’s mind, so for the moment Dr Gosnell is dismissed. But for some reason  I haven’t figured out yet, I am still trying to understand: What’s up with Pearl?

How did/does she live with what they’ve done?

How does she erase the babies from her mind?

How could she go home after “helping out” and  look at her own 13 year old daughter?



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