An Open Letter To My Son

Happy Birthday, Son. It’s hard to believe you’re 37. I feel like, WOW!

You know me well so you know, that because I am the way I am, I really want to say something profound and unique and original but all I can think of right now are of a bunch of dated clichés. You know, like the “love of my life”, “apple of my eye”, and “best thing that ever happened to me.”

The thing is they all apply, yet… none of them captures the totality of what’s contained in my mind, heart and soul for you.

Do you remember the Regina Belle song from 1993?

When I told you I bought it because it summed up my feelings for you, it disappeared from the music shelf… But I would hear it playing in your bedroom… day and night. That always made me smile.

~ ~ ~

Because of the fine man you turned out to be, I’ve been told more times then you could even imagine, “You did a good job raising him.” And I always smile and take the credit. But the truth of the matter is, while you did inherit your gorgeousness from me, 🙂  I was way too naive to even begin to know how to mold you into the man you’ve become.

I didn’t give you a kind and loving heart, nor did I give you a swift and agile mind. That was all God’s doing. You are who you are because of the goodness, grace and mercy of the Lord.

Your Grandmother always says, “God takes care of fools and babies.” Well, we are living proof of that. Because God knows, I was a fool with a baby.

I thank Him everyday for making you…YOU!  I Love You With Everything I’ve Got.

Happy Birthday, Son!


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