Holding On To Hope When You’re Waiting Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Waiting can tough, especially for those of us who have not mastered the art of patience.  Maintaining a positive outlook when you’re waiting for doors to open, for calls that don’t come, or opportunities that aren’t knocking is tiresome, annoying, frustrating – and every other uncomfortable emotion that comes to mind.

When the delay lasts for an extended period of time, the discomfort is magnified. First, your confidence starts crumbling and we highly sensitive people,  can actually feel little pieces of it breaking off and falling away with each day that passes by. Then doubts come knocking, and no matter how hard you try to shut the door, they shove their way in to beat up your hope and toss around lies like, “failure,” “not good enough,” and “hope-less.”

It doesn’t have to be that way

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We have to remember that doubts are thoughts – nothing more. They are not indicators, facts, forecasts or premonitions.They are negative thoughts whose sole purpose is to undermine our faith. I’ve written before of the necessity to examine every thought  that finds its way inside your head, and when you’re waiting for a business call, a signed contract or anyhing that matters you should be extra diligent. If the thoughts are not soul-lifting, life-affirming and oh so positive and hope-full –  be prepared to banish them.

If I were the plaything of every thought, I would be a fool, not a wise man. ~ Rumi ~

You have a choice.

  • Let negativity and doubt keep you fearful.
  • Make up your mind to trust God.

When you resolve to trust God, it becomes easier to let the rest of it go. You can let go of the struggle. You can let go of any emotional attachments you may have to the outcome and you can let go of the fear. Trusting God gives you the strength to open the door, look at the negative thought and say, “Thanks for stopping by, but you can go now. I trust God and I know it’s all good.”

Consider the blessings while you wait.

“I would have despaired had I not believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for and confidently expect the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for and confidently expect the Lord.” PSALM 27:13-14 (AMP)

A prayer while you wait.

May the peace of God, our Father quiet your soul and cause your mind to be still while you wait patiently today. May you be encouraged by your faith in Christ Jesus, who has said, “Whatever you ask the father in my name, will be done.”

I pray that you relax in God’s love today, knowing He has heard you. Your life and your business are in His hands. As you wait expectantly trusting Him to be true to His word, may you focus your thoughts only on the answered prayer and speak of those things, “as though they were.”

So be it.

Be Blessed


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2 thoughts on “Holding On To Hope When You’re Waiting Doesn’t Have To Be Hard”

  1. Waiting can be hard Taylor. Doubt is a distraction to deny us from receiving… but focusing on God, His abilities and promises makes it easier and He does prove Himself.
    Thanks for sharing, do have a super blessed day!


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