Day 5 ~ Faith That Acts

Day 5 Forty Days with God | James 2:14-20

Here James is saying that anyone can say they have faith or they believe in God but if your faith produces nothing, it’s useless. It adds no value to the kingdom of God or to you in God’s eyes. A saving faith will show itself, even if nothing is said.

The bible teaches, “To every man is given a measure of faith.” That measure is apparently enough to be saved, justified and made righteous by our belief in Jesus Christ and accepting Him as Lord of our lives.

Okay, we are saved. Then what?

In my post, Is Your Faith Growing?, I used the analogy of a small garden to represent that measure of faith we all start out with. It is supposed to grow. A faithful life is a fruitful life.

True faith planted in rich soil can’t help but produce fruit (works). My fruit is the only evidence I have that my faith exists. Revelations 20:12 says the dead will be judged according to their works.

Tomorrow | Day 6 |  The Fruit of Wisdom | James 3: 13-18

Be Blessed!

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