God Knows When You Need To Rest

So He said to them, “Let us go off by ourselves to some place where we will be alone and you can rest a while.”  So they started out in a boat by themselves to a lonely place. (Mark 6: 31-32 GNT)

God gave me rest, when I didn’t know I was weary

I returned from an unplanned vacation yesterday. I know all things work together for my good. I know everything that concerns me concerns God, and I know my footsteps are ordered.

Still I am always amazed in the way our Father orchestrates our circumstances in order to give us what we need.

During the past few months I spent many days sitting in front of this blog trying to post something… anything… but nothing was coming. It just wasn’t flowing the way it used to. Now I probably could have forced myself to put in a few more ‘fluffy, filler posts’ but I didn’t want to. Not that there’s anything wrong with fluff. I enjoy reading (and writing) about the day to day experiences of living. I just don’t do it here.

This blog came into existence after a series of devastating losses and setbacks which spanned a few years. I was in the midst of a lonely and painful season. Phyllis Hyman’s song, “This Too Shall Pass,” became my mantra.

This too shall pass away The longest night becomes the day
Hold up your head and say This too shall pass away


I knew eventually my troubles would pass, but waiting is at best – difficult. On top of that when we are focusing on our trials, we sometimes miss the lessons to be learned from the problems we face.  And God knows, I didn’t want to miss any more of the lessons I needed to learn.

Sometimes you tell me you’re weary in spirit
Sometimes you cry out and no one can hear it
People you trust can sometimes be strangely unkind
Though you are caught up in grieving
Though you could give up believing
Don’t you lose sight of the answer you helped me to find
This too shall pass away


So I decided to write them down. This blog became the place to chronicle my soul’s journey back from the pain in the pit. Back from depression and despair. Back to life and light and love.

I had two goals for MsTaylorGilmore: to honor and glorify God and to share the lessons I was learning along the way, in the hope that my words would/could  – help/encourage/inspire someone else.

But It wasn’t happening for me lately and I didn’t know why. So I decided to stop trying. I gave it to the Lord and trusted Him to work it out.

The clouds will always part The moment faith is in your heart…
And you’re weary in spirit God will hear it
If you believe it will be free
Yes it will be free

He worked it out through my sister. A blessing in the form of a vacation…at the beach.

Sun, sand, waves, and rest.

I’m back!

xoxo Be Blessed!

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