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Hispanic Festival at Penn’s Landing

Yesterday, started out as most Saturdays do. I have a list of things I intend to get done so my Sunday can be as relaxed and stress-free as possible. I hate to admit it but I have lost a lot of  that youthful spontaneity. I’ve allowed myself to become a creature of habit and most of the time I convince myself that I’m content. It wasn’t working yesterday. I was in a foul mood, edgy and snapping for no particular reason. Writing anything was a lost cause, which made me even more irritable so I gave it up. I decided to scratch my entire to-do list and get out of the house.

I asked my daughter, Cee if she wanted to go hang out. I expected her to get all excited and say, “Sure!” What she said was, “Hang out where? Where are we going? Are you going to buy me stuff? Are you still scared to go to the woods? Blah, blah, blah.” Of course I got ticked and told her to stop asking so many questions. Like I said, I was already in funky mood. She decided to just get her little self ready to go and save the questions because after all, she is brilliant.



We decided to hop on the bus and go to the 30th annual Hispanic Fiesta which is being held this weekend at Penn’s Landing. During the bus ride down there, she started getting all antsy and excited and going on about getting a chance to practice her Spanish, and going to the festival would be like visiting another country. I’m really not sure what she expected but I could tell once we’d arrived she was disappointed. We did a lot of walking around and looking at the various displays. Once she got her face painted she loosened up and started enjoying herself.


Since we’d neglected to bring our chairs, we ate picnic style on a bench overlooking the Delaware River, and listened to the band. The food was delicious. For some reason I haven’t figured out everything tastes better when eaten outdoors.

Our day ended with a ferry ride. Cee snapped this picture.






I snapped this picture a couple seconds before she turned around, smiled and said, “I love you, Mom. This is the best day ever!”

I agree!



Be Blessed!

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