Lighten Up.

I had the one of the oddest God encounters this morning.

The first indication this was going to be an unusual day was my eyes popped open a full two hours before my alarm clock went off. No way was I ready to get up so I lay there trying to will myself to go back to sleep.

It became obvious that wasn’t going to happen after about 30 minutes, so I got up. 15 minutes later I was in front of the computer with a cup of coffee all set to get in some uninterrupted Bible reading time. Yes, I’m one of those high tech Christians. We download several different versions of the Word. That way we don’t have to get up or flip pages. A click of the mouse is all it takes.

Anyway, instead of opening my Bible software, I automatically opened my browser… because that’s what I always do.

I decided to pop over here on my way to the Bible since the window was already opened and truthfully, I was feeling guilty because although I have been posting regularly on my other two blogs; TaylorCares has been sitting around collecting cyber dust and feeling unloved. The neglect was not intentional. It was the result of this brick wall I kept running in to. See, I had lots of article ideas but getting them out of my head and into a coherent post wasn’t happening.

Then I went into “Super Spiritual Christian” mode. For those of you who aren’t familiar with that mode. It’s the one we slip into when we start thinking we are so enlightened we can read God’s mind. I figured since I landed here, the Lord was about to give me a good Word to pass on to my readers. Woo Hoo!  Thank You Jesus!

Nothing happened.

So I started clicking on different links and looking at things while waiting for the light bulb of the Lord to start shining inside my head.  I checked my site stats and was quite shocked to see that even though I was absent, other people (lots of them) were stopping by to read my blog…every day. How could that be?

Since I wasn’t quite ready to let go of of my “Super Spiritual” self  just yet, I got away from there before I could get too deeply involved in non spiritual things like analytics and organic traffic and such.

I went to my Link Love page, perused my blog list and decided to visit Jon Acuff over @ Stuff Christians Like instead. The way I reasoned it out was, it’s not the Bible but it is a Christian website, so I’m still in the realm of spiritual things. While I was there I found this guest post, Do you Speak Christianese? Who could resist that title? Not I!

Well I read the post and I laughed. And Laughed. I laughed until I cried.

Sure enough! When I stopped laughing and wiped away the tears, I realized the wall was gone and the light was shining and I didn’t feel all “Super Spiritual” anymore. The Lord told me, “It’s not that deep.” I needed to get over myself. And He told me to tell you to Lighten Up.


  • Becky Jane

    I skipped over and read his post – only a Christian could even begin to understand the humor…thanks for sharing!

    • Taylor Gilmore

      So happy you popped in, Becky! :D

  • Vernon

    LOL. Thank you! That “Super Spiritual Christian” mode gets me every time. I must admit God has he way of humbling me sometimes just like this. Great post!

    • Taylor Gilmore

      He always knows what we need. Thanks for stopping by, Vernon!

  • Melissa@Home on Deranged

    I love this! I wasn’t completely sure where it was headed, and then you wrapped it up so nicely! Lighten up. True words of wisdom. I think we want to believe we are so clever and so terribly serious and important, and then you realize, nope, I did not find the cure for cancer today. :)
    thanks for stopping to meet me!

    • Taylor Gilmore

      I think we all get a little too full of ourselves sometimes and need a reality check.