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Have you ever noticed how hard it is not to smile when someone is having a good, hearty laugh?

Your lips will automatically curl right up into a smile and you can’t stop them.  Even when you don’t think it’s funny, you smile anyway.  If the laughter goes on long enough you’ll laugh too.

Love could learn a few things from laughter because sometimes Love has a tendency to be too quiet.

It’s sensitive, and wimpy and insecure. Just sitting around hoping people will know it’s there. How in the world can it expect someone to notice it leaning up against the wall or sitting quietly in a chair?

My Love used to be like that with everyone else, except me.

I couldn’t help but notice it screaming and carrying on inside my head and jumping up and down, trying to break my heart.

And I got tired of a Love that was always hurting and taken for granted.

So I had to make changes.

I began feeding it the Bread of Life and giving it drinks of Living Water.

I taught my Love to sing and laugh and dance and pray and praise.

I taught my Love not to whisper, because whispered love is overlooked.

Now my Love is big and strong and loud as Laughter.

Can you hear it? Do you feel it?


Five minute Friday is courtesy of Lisa-Jo.

Be Blessed!

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  1. Wow…I really liked how you described your love changed by the Bread of Life and the Living Water. Now you Love Out Loud! You brought a smile to my face as you described laughter.


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